The Place Beyond the Pines (DVD)

The Place Beyond the Pines

This film supposedly takes place in Schenectady, NY and follows parallel lives of two characters, a tattooed carnival stunt motorcycle driver played by Ryan Gosling and a young honest cop played by Bradley Cooper.  Their lives cross when Cooper chases down and kills Gosling’s character after he robs a bank trying to provide for the infant son from a one night stand with a waitress played by Eva Mendes. This act of violence causes others to call him a hero and we’re then immersed in a world of crooked police officers and life-changing moral dilemmas. The film then jumps ahead 15 years when the two teenage sons’ paths cross and cause us to see what went before in a whole different way. It’s a very intense film with great characters who are just trying to get through each day to support and provide for their family.

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